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Competition Team Information

Our Elite Competition Team will provide a foundation in which dancers are able to foster their passion for dance while developing their technical, creative, artistic, and performance skills. All-Star and Power dancers will attend 3 regional competitions throughout the year and our Star dancers will attend 2 regional competitions throughout the year. A National competition and 1 dance convention will be made available to dancers that would like to attend. Fundraising will be available for those who would like to participate to help offset costs for competitions. 


Dancers are selected through an audition process that occurs on April 29th and May 1st. Audition results will be given on May 16th, 2022 and at that time registration will be available for elite classes. Dancers will have until May 20th to register online. **Auditions are now complete**


Please download and read the entire elite team contract above prior to submitting an audition form (also linked above). Audition forms need to be completed and sent to the ALDA email ( no later than April 1st. Payment for auditions are $5 per style and will need to be paid prior to April 29th. 


If selected to be on the Elite Team the contract needs to be completed and returned to either the office or through email ( by May 20th.

Solos, Duets, & Trios

Competition solos, duets, & trios are arranged during the audition process. Solo, duet and trio announcements come with an assigned choreographer and dance style.  Choreography time slots will be arranged where the dancer(s) will learn and perfect their routine throughout 6 1-hour private lessons. If selected for a private for competition you will need to read and sign the private contract linked above and return by May 20th.

Solos: $250

Duets: $175 per dancer

Trios: $150 per dancer

If a competition solo, duet, or trio needs extra rehearsal time then the cost is $40/hr.


If you are not chosen to do a solo, duet or trio the ALDA Staff encourage all dancers to keep working hard in their regular classes to earn one in the future. Technique privates are also an option if a dancer wants one-on-one direction at $40 for an hour session or $20 for a 30 minute session.

ALDA Performance Team

This team will be selected through the audition process and will be in the styles of Jazz, Clogging, and Irish. If selected for the Performance Team, you would be agreeing to do all extra performances throughout the season (a list of performances will be given by June 15th). There will be a Performance Team fee to cover cost for performance wear (fee will be determined once team wear is chosen between instructors) along with a onetime tuition fee for instructors to be paid for weekly classes from August to the beginning of December (1 style - $20, 2 styles - $35, 3 styles - $50). These dances will be simple, fun, and entertaining for us to show out to our community. These dances will not be for competitions.


The 3 items below are required by all Elite Team dancers:

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