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A-List Dance Academy offers various dance styles with multiple levels of difficulty that are based on the dancers age, experience, and ability. Classes for the 2024-2025 season are now available. Registration will close on November 30th.

Class Levels

  • Tiny Tots: Ages 2.5 to 5

  • Kinder Dance: Ages 4.5 to 6

  • Level 1​: Ages 7 to 10

  • Level 2: Ages 11 to 16

  • Level 3: Ages 8 to 18

  • Adult: Ages 18 & up

  • Elite Competition: 6 to 18



A form of percussion that teaches the dancer about syncopation, rhythm and musicality.  Specific shoes are worn by dancers that allow them to create unique sounds.



Contemporary is an expressive style of dance that incorporates elements of ballet, jazz, and modern dance. This style of dance teaches students abstract movements, floor work, and improvisational skills.



Jazz blends a variety of dance styles to create ground movement, isolations, and syncopation. Jazz is typically paired with upbeat music and large movements by dancers to create an aesthetically pleasing style of dance.​



Clogging is another form of percussion that uses 'double tap' shoes to provide a unique sound. This is a very high energy style of dance that requires large amounts of physical endurance and is normally performed to upbeat music.


Musical Theater

This program not only teaches dance technique, but also works on acting and performing skills. This style of dance relies on the knowledge of Jazz, Ballet, and Tap.


Irish Tap

Irish Tap is another form of percussion that incorporates ballet movements. It is generally a stiff upper body with fast and precise movement of the feet.

Young Ballerinas

Tiny Tots

This program is designed to introduce dance to children of ages 2.5 to 5. As opposed to the standard length dance season, there will be 2 different sessions of ballet/tap and hip hop.​

Ballet Class


Ballet is structured to help students develop technique, overall body strength, and balance that assists them with every style of dance.


Hip Hop

For many years hip hop has become a social form of dancing that is energetic while combining old-school with modern dance moves.


Acro Dance

Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character and unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics.

Ballet Dancers


Pointe technique is one of the most iconic elements of ballet. The inspiration for pointe technique is the wish that the ballet dancer appears weightless, light-footed, and graceful while performing on the tips of fully extended feet.

Upbeat Dance Class

Adult Dance

Stay in shape and have fun while you do it. This class is for all levels, no dance experience required. ALDA will offer Hip Hop & Clogging. 

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